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In summer many students are buying their prescription glasses, and reading glasses, there are so many optical shops in the streets, and the glasses prices ranging from high and low very differently. There are a lot of skills if you want to buy glasses.

My new friend should really thank me for introducing her to glasses online, because she has fallen in love this new style of purchasing glasses! To her, this online store is excellent and this style was cool!

Sometimes it is hard for me to make a decision, especially when making purchase. I often linger in front of the counter and feel confused about how to make a choice. The shop assistants often introduce some new products to me with a detailed explanation and try their best to persuade me to buy them as soon as possible. However, I think it is improper to make a prompt decision in order to avoid regretting later. Two weeks ago, I stood in a glasses store for a long time and could not decide which type of glasses to buy. Finally, I left the store without buying anything. At that time, I really needed to buy a new pair of women’s glasses but I thought it was too expensive for me to afford a single one. The main reason why I finally gave up my purchase plan was due to the unreasonable price though the glasses were designed very well to catch my fancy. The shop assistant also advised me to buy one because it really suited me. However, I did not think it was wise enough to spend so much money on it. That was why I changed my purchase style. I began to make online shopping when I came back home that day.

Last week the prescription sunglasses that I had booked online were received. I chose it on the inspiration of Hilton sisters. On the mention of Hilton sisters, we all know that they refer to the American famous stars Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton. They are not only fashion models, celebrates, but also fashion designers. I think most of us Americans like them. They are great-granddaughters of Conrad Hilton, who is the founder of Hilton Hotels. As famous fashion designers, Nicky once launched her own clothing line, and she even design handbags for a Japanese company. Her sister Paris Hilton is also very talent and successful. As sisters, they both are beautiful, fashionable and decent, but with different styles and personalities. Paris is sexy and charming; Nicky is more sweet and lovely. No matter of which style, they are standing in the frontier of current fashion, or we can say they are the leaders of fashion.

Summer has begun to show its power recently. In some states, the temperature is so high that even reach the history peak. Sand storm hit Arizona twice this month. For those who live in or want to go to Phoenix, it causes large inconvenience. I am a person who loves summer when winter freezes my body and mind; I am also a person who hates summer when it has really arrived. Indeed, nobody likes the feeling of sweating, but we cannot stay indoors with air conditioners everyday. We need to go outside to work, to meet our friends, to experience what nature gives us. However, being exposed outside is not something enjoyable. For me, it is scaring. How to solve the problem? My swimming coach tells me that his outdoor partner in summer is prescription sunglasses. Maybe it is helpful.

My mother is a computer literate but she shows great interest in the Internet. She asks me to teach her how to do well in operating computer for many times. At the very beginning, I have patience to act as a teacher. But it is really a changeling job for me because my mother can not understand that virtual world at all. I teach her how to download movies or songs from the Internet and how to read e-book. She is contented with what she has learned and she is eager to have a try. Recently, she is tempted by her colleague’s interesting experience and she has a strong desire to learn how to do online shopping. It is absolutely the first time for her to hear this new word. Her colleague shows her a pair of fashionable prescription eyeglasses that she bought from an online store at a low price. She tells my mother that we can buy almost everything online with the rapid development of online commerce. She also says that living in the modern society, if we do not know how to make online shopping, we are out!

This morning I just received my new prescription glasses ordered from an online shop days ago. They were plastic eyeglasses formed in the shape of rectangle. Being in the color of wine, the eyeglasses looked quite fashionable and elegant. They were just the same with the picture showed on their website. I was so fond of the eyeglasses that I tried them on immediately. The eyeglasses looked perfect on my face and the quality was as good as you can expect. That’s really a pair of wonderful and fashionable prescription glasses.

Recently, I have noticed that there is a trend of buying eyeglasses on line—more and more people are choosing to purchase their glasses from the Internet. This reminded me my own experience of buying the glasses a few years ago.

Last week, my nephew came to my home and told me that he couldn’t see the blackboard clearly. Concerning this case, I suggest him to buy one pair of prescription glasses to help correct the poor eyesight.

In today’s modern society, prescription glasses have already become one of the necessary adornments for the people who suffer various kids of eye vision problems. Given that wearing one pair of suitable prescription glasses cannot only help seeing the world clearly, but can also make your personal appearance more attractive, in order to avoid being confused about the eyeglasses frame selection from thousands of options in the eyeglasses market, it is necessary to learn some basic knowledge about prescription glasses.

In today’s society, humanity has been promoted to a very high status. Therefore, every industry is trying to please their customers all the time, so that the customer could be able to experience the best service. Recently I have got very good service during my buying a pair of discount prescription sunglasses.

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